A play for children

Dr. A. H. Al- Nuaimi


This play is for the age of 12 to 18 years




3-Suad: fourteen-year-old girl.

4-Khaled: sixteen years-old boy.

5-an actor as a rabbit.

6-an actor as a gazelle.

7-an actor as a Lamb.

8-an actor as a bird.

Chapter One

the first scene

In a distinguished corner of the theater there is a large painting or an Item of a big box of cigarettes. that has been drawing upon it a sign of “risk of death”. and has a paint of the smoking plant before manufactured on the background.

Highlights of the five large pack of cigarette’s box. And each one of the cigarette has one of the following statements. as in assistance of the lighting show to the public:

– I’m cancer.

– I cardiovascular disease.

– I’m chest infections.

– I stink.

– I lung disease.

In the theater chairs and a small table, and in a distenguished place there are the following statement, so that every word has a color different from the other:

“The health is a crown on the head of healthy people, that can seen only be the sick one.”

on the other side of the painting stands four children, three of whom were wearing forms for three different types of herbivores (rabbit and deer, and sheep), while the fourth represents the shape of a bird.

Rabbit looks to the painting and say: I do not like the smoke plant, i did not taste or approached it in my life.

the deer adds: I also do not like this plant, it taste bitter and unpalatable.

Lamb: It is the only plant that do not have any friends of the animals, it’s a toxic plant.

Bird, while moving his wings: I’m like you. I do not like this plant, and because I fly a lot, and watch the plains, I’m sure that it’s a plant without friends.

the deer: Really .. It’s a hated plant.

Lamb: I am impressed by the human beings who become friends with it and they burn their chests with it.

The deer: really how do they do it? even though it contaminate their homes, and their environment, and it bring disease to their bodies.

Rabbit: Some boys of the human beings they believe that smoking makes others see them older than they are.

Lamb: What an illusion.

Bird: Some of them believed that cigarettes make a prestige for the humans.

deer, laughing: The truth is that it reduces their prestige.

Rabbit: So we will watch a story of a human family with smoking.

Lamb: But before that, let’sl sing our favorite song .

Bird: I agree with my friend the Lamb. Let us repeat our favorite song.

Music blares the song

the attention of the animals and the bird is directed to the pack of cigarettes, and they start singing together, while pointing to the pack:

The cigarette

Is an evil Plant 

Evil vicious

vicious evil

Many toxins

Serious effects

The enemy of

Our healthy bodies


Sick ill

Do not be her friend ..

Or to be like her close friend

To her a girlfriend

No .. Do not be

as her a girlfriend

The last two lines are repeated more than once, while looking to the public, and pointing to it, and the animals are approaching the front of the theater. And says: and now watch the story of this family.

Animals out

Second Scene

the mother enters and she’s worry about something .. moving at the theater, and then says as if she as talking to her self “I’ve always advised him to quit that bad habit, but he did not respond,” .. remains quite for a while, and then adds: “Here’s the result a cough, a disease I fear that it will kills him “.

Father enters coughed loudly and continuously, it seems the disease, have an affect on him. Mother help him to sit down and say:

Mother: When are you going to quit smoking, my dear husband?

Father: This cough is not caused by smoking my dear wife.

Father continues to cough

Mother: then what caused it?

Father: I do not know why you are determined to leave smoking.

Mother: Because the cause of all your diseases.

Father: I have tried, I could not.

Mother: quit smoking needs a strong will, and not just try.

Father: What can I do?

Mother: Will .. should have a strong will.

Father: will? Will? I told you I tried.

Mother: it was not serious.

Father coughed again, and it seems as if he forces himself on cohesion

Father, emotionally, he is still coughing: Enough interference in my personal things.

Mother: This is not personally interest me your life also interest you and others.

Father: Since you are interested in my life and that interested me, So be compassionate me.

Mother: Is not quit smoking mercy to you?

Father: How much are you stubborn in defending your opinions.

Mother: I do not like to be stubborn, but what is right.

The third scene

Suad intervention, carrying textbooks

Mother: Here’s Suad has returned from school.

Suad: Oh hello my dear parents.

Mother: Welcome to my daughter.

Father: Welcome, Suad.

Father continues to cough, while Suad placing her books by a small table, and asks her father:

Suad: What’s wrong dad?

Father: It seems that the weather problems and variability has affected.

Suad: You must go to the doctor, Dad.

Father: I will get better without the need of a doctor.

Mother: but say you know the advice you will be directed by a doctor.

Father returns to cough, then look at Suad

Father: will you give me a back of cigarettes? Suad.

Suad: But you are sick, Dad.

Father: no relationship between smoking and what I’m in

Mother: but smoking is the cause of your illness.

Suad: Mom, Dad was right. Smoking is the cause of your illness.

Father: but weather problems, my daughter.

Suad: The weather has nothing to do with your discase Dad.

Father coughs strongly

Mother: Your father does not want to admit the truth, Suad.

Suad: I can not bring you a cigarette and you’re in this situation, Dad.

Father: give me cigarettes, do not be afraid, Suad Ali.

Father returns to cough, and wait until Suad restless coughing and says:


Suad: How do I not afraid while you are in this situation.

Mother: I have to summon you to the doctor.

Father: I do not need a doctor.

Suad: If you knew the harmful effects of smoking you never respected it Dad.

Coughs father again

Mother: when Khaled comes from the school we will have lunch, then took you to the doctor.

Father: I told you I do not need a doctor.

Mother: I still insist on not recognizing the truth.

Father: give me a pack of cigarettes, Suad, your mother advice makes me tired.

Suad: I do not know where your cigarettes, Dad.

Mother: I’ve hidden .. Suad would not be able to find them.

Father coughs, then says with a cough voice.

Father: When Khaled returned from school will send him to buy a new box of cigarettes.

Mother: Do you like smoking to learn Khaled?

Father: No I do not. He must not learn smoking.

Mother: So how do you want to buy you cigarettes? we supposed to be role models for our children!

Father: buy cigarettes does not mean that learning smoking.

Mother: and perhaps means that!.

Father: Why do you make matters hard my dear wife.

Mother: I’m not the most complex issues. But I tell the truth.

Suad: Mom, was right, most of the children who are learning the bad habit of smoking gained from the family.

Mother: Do not forget that there is a law prohibiting the sale of cigarettes to young people, although some vendors do not adhere to it.

 Father: Do you want me to live in something like a prison.

Suad: We do not Dad, but we try to tell the truth.

Father: The truth is that you are interfering in the personal affairs.

Mother: we seek to maintain your health.

Father coughs again and says:

Father: my health! My health! This word has make me nervous.

Suad: you must accept the truth even if it is contrary to your desires.

Mother: This phrase deep, Suad, some people do not like to admit the truth just because it is contrary to their wishes.

 Father directed his speech to the mother: And you think I do not want to admit the truth my dear wife?

Mother: That’s what it seems my dear husband.

Scene IV

Khalid enters, carrying textbooks

Khaled: Oh hello my parents. Hello, Suad.

Father: Welcome, Khalid.

 Mother: Welcome.

Suad: Hey Khalid. You must be hungry.

Father continues to cough, while Khaled putting his books next to Suad’s books.

Khaled: The True is my pleasure when I sit down at the table with you.

Mother: the food is ready, we will put it on the table.

Khaled: shall we help you, Mom.

Mother, smiling: No, I don’t need help this time.

Mother went out

Father: Suad and your mother don’t obey my orders.

Khaled: How , Dad?

Father: Ask them.

Father coughs

Khaled: It seems that your illness intensifies, you should see a doctor, Dad.

Father: not now, perhaps in the next day.

Khaled: How is that, Dad? You are sick and have to visit the doctor.

Suad: do you still think that we are wrong?

Father: I’ll assume that you are right. But I do not want to visit a doctor today.

Khaled: So we can summon a doctor to the house.

Father: Do not do it, my son.

Suad: Why all this stubbornness, Dad?

Father: I have a simple medical problem, it will go away soon.

Khaled: what’s wrong with inviting a doctor, Dad, is that because the doctor can help you and know exactly what are you suffering from!

Father: Do not bother thinking about my situation.

Mother’s voice emanates from behind the scenes

Mother, behind the scenes: Come Yours. The food is ready.

Khalid, as he looked toward the sound: we will come soon, Mom.

Suad: Come on, Dad.

Father stands lumbering, continue coughing, while Khalid and suad hold him out of his hand.

Chapter II

 the first scene

Back three animals, and the bird to the theater.

Bird: How much is this poor father who does not stop coughing.

Deer: It’s really poor. If human beings governments confiscate the old cars that pollute the air , how human allows himself to be as an old car?

Lamb: The smoker of human beings does not hurt himself only, but hurt others who breathe the smell of his tobacco.

Rabbit: The pregnant mother cause diseases to her child she is a smoker.

Bird: human beings should realize that their lives are more precious than a cigarette.

Deer: So Come to sing them again.

It emits music again, and they start singing the same song lyrics, and movements themselves:

The cigarette

Is an evil Plant 

Evil vicious

vicious evil

Many toxins

Serious effects

The enemy of

Our healthy bodies


Sick ill

Do not be her friend ..

Or to be like her close friend

To her a girlfriend

No .. Do not be

as her a girlfriend

Then out of the theater

Second Sight

Four representatives back to the theater. Khalid enters first and the father, and he holds Khalid and his father, who still continues to cough, from his hand, and Ijlsh on the chair, and then enter Suad and her mother.

Suad: the food was delicious. Thank you, Mom.

Khaled: Yes. It was delicious.

Mother: Why you did not eat, my dear husband.

Suad: Why did not really share our food, Dad?

Father: you disobeyed my orders.

Suad: We did not disagree with your orders, Dad. We fear for the health.

Father: So, I want my cigarettes box.

Father continues to cough

Mother: How will you be able to combine cough and smoking?

Father: I do not know.

Suad: Smoking causes loss of appetite for humans, Dad

Khaled: That’s right, Dad. Please try to get rid of smoking.

Father: smoking? Smoking? You took me in a strong situation.

Suad: This is not a strainge, Dad. It is the truth.

Father coughs

Mother: your diseases caused by smoking. The solution lies in the will.

Father: will you repeat this word more and more!.

Khaled: Do you have a specific concept for the word will, Mom?

Mother: Yes, that the human will is locked in a battle with himself and win it.

Khaled: do you mean, my mom we can resist the human desires that are harmful to ours, whether this damage will appear directly or in the future.?

Mother: Yes, Khaled.

Father: Did you think that your mother, O Khalid does not have a specific concept for her favorite word?!

Khaled: I love the word (will), and I know its meaning as well, and all there because I want to focus the concepts of the word.

Suad: Did you know that my dad awareness of the harmful effects of smoking really citizen’s rights that States must sponsored considered, Dad

Father: I know that. They write on each pack of cigarettes that smoking causes cancer and heart and lung disease.

Khalid: There are many other diseases caused by smoking.

Mother: more of these diseases?

Khalid: Yes, the problems of the teeth triple smokers.

Father coughs strongly

Suad: God help you to cope this cough, Dad. you should go to the doctor.

Khalid: Yes, Dad must go to the doctor.

Father: I will think about it.

Mother: It does not need to think about.

Suad: Can you believe my father that some of the girls smoke secretly?

Father : Is it true what you say, Suad?

Suad: Yes, Dad.

Father emotionally: But such behavior is immoral. Do not they know the dangers of smoking.

Suad: know the dangers of smoking, as you know, Dad.

Father: I understand the meaning of your words, Suad, but tell me, we must not encourage the boys to smoke.

Khalid: The Truth Yes, Dad.

Father: Did you see that it is appropriate to leave those involved in this bad habit?

Khalid: The Truth dad that some of them do not listen to advice.

Suad: Have you seen, my dad, how you refused such an act without hesitation?

Father progresses lumbering toward the middle of the theater, he says: Hear my well, then, it is time to stop the wrong things .. the truth that will be announced in front of you now.

Mother as she looks at her husband with awe: the truth ?! Any truth?!.

Khaled: what is this truth, Dad?

Father: I’ve been experimenting for standing by my side, and I’m trying to find out the extent of your desire on my health.

Suad: This means that you will quit smoking, Dad.

Father: but say I already did it.

Mother: I just could not believe it.

 Khaled: you have surprised us with this happy news.

Suad: But, why all this worry you made, Dad !.

Father: As I told you, I was experimenting over the senses, and to the openions about wrong things.

Mother: How I’m so glad about your decision.

Father coughs

Suad: It good to agree to go to the doctor, Dad.

Father: My appointment with the doctor after hours from now.

Khaled: you booked an appointment with the doctor without telling us?

Father: I wanted to be my decision to quit smoking will surprise you.

Khaled: It is a good lesson, we will learn a lot from you.

Suad: Tell us how Dad learned the bad habit of smoking.

Father: When I was a student at the school, I think that people when see me with a cigarette in my hand, or in my mouth, respect me.

Khaled: I think my dad that smoking will make others think you are older than you are, is not it?

Father: Yes, that’s right, I thought, as I thought that the cigarette gives human prestige.

Mother with a laugh: The truth is that it reduces the human prestige.

Suad: and make others averse stench caused by a cigarette.

Khaled: and even make them pity him, too.

Mother: That’s right, modern medicine considera smoker as a man who should be treated as a patient.

Suad: How I pity for smokers !.

Khaled: I have compassion for them, too.

Father coughs

Father: So do not you stop provide advice to them.

Suad: There are many anti-smoking associations, however, those who listen to tips are few people.

Father: Because quitting this bad habit is not easy. It requires a strong will, such as those advocated by your mother always.

Mother: I thank God that you recognized the importance of will.

Father: I’m still a believer in the will, because they ensure miracles, but I was experimenting extent of your ability to defend your opinions and stick to it.

Mother: How I found myself?

Father: deserve praise for the toughness, and the ability to persuade.

Father coughs

Suad:I think that it’s better to form school associations to provide tips for students which can help them not to smoke.

Father: a good idea, children of one generation to accept advice from some of them.

Mother: Yes, for the children of the new generation should realize that their lives are more precious than a cigarette.

Khaled: I will introduce this idea to the director of my school.

Suad: I well, I will introduce the idea to the director of my school.

Father: I hope that you will succeed.

Mother: I’ll be happy, I see you get rid of the scourge of smoking.

 Father: I’m glad you’re happy my dear wife.

Khaled: What would you say to a doctor, Dad?

Father: I’ll ask him to treat him from the effects of a bad habit I will not return to it at all.

Suad, laughing , smoking is a bad habit.

Mother: How do you defeat the bad habits, my dear husband.

Father: will, my dear wife.

Khaled: Viva will.

Suad: Viva will.

Family members with one voice: Long live for the will

Representatives leave at a time when the animals are flocking to the theater again

The third scene

The three bird animals back to the theater

Ghazal told the audience: it must now bid you farewell.

Rabbit told the audience: But do not forget that will work miracles.

Lamb told the audience: Remember that all animals and birds do not like the smoke plant.

Flying to the public: Remember, it’s Wort without friends.

Ghazal: We know that you love what we love.

Rabbit: We are pleased to hear you our favorite song, again before we leave.

Music plays, and then emits a song, while family members back to the stage and participate in singing:

The cigarette

Is an evil Plant 

Evil vicious

vicious evil

Many toxins

Serious effects

The enemy of

Our healthy bodies


Sick ill

Do not be her friend ..

Or to be like her close friend

To her a girlfriend

No .. Do not be

as her a girlfriend

Looms are all representatives of the public, then leave


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