Our Objectifs

Our Objectifs


1- Direct and indirect contribution in the development of the spirit of the humanism and to enhance the charity values ​​in the ascendant generation of the Arab nation, in particular, and in the developing world and hotbeds of conflicts in general. As well as contributing in the development of a generation that rejects terrorism, throughout its intellectual and cultural formation.

2- The contribution in the development of an enlightened generation that is armed with scientific and cognitive efficiency. A generation that rejects all the forms of discrimination based on the race, color, nationality or religion in general, and discrimination against women and children in particular.

3- Creating the suitable environment to highlight and publicize the talents and creativity of childhood, also to encourage the interaction among talented and creative children.

4- Providing support, rehabilitation and training for the children to keep up with the contemporary life, and to deal with the childhood problems in the light of the visions and aspirations of the children themselves.

5- Developing the spirit of initiation and volunteering in children.

6- The contributing in supporting the talents and creativity of childhood on scientific bases that is provided and studied by specialists and experts.

7- Consolidate the values of modernity side by side with the spirit of the age, civilized behavior, openness to world’s cultures, rejection of violence and showing respect for others’ opinions.

8- The contribution in changing the perspective of some of the families and communities towards the talents of their children, especially if these talents are artistic.

9- The consolidation of the values of ambition instead of envy and jealousy of success..