Membership privileges


Membership privileges

The privileged members of our Pivot enjoy a decent reception – If a member decides to do any field assistance to the children- and enjoy the services and discounts and appropriate exclusive opportunities, designed according to the specific needs that are compatible with their capabilities and individual preferences and enable them to serve their humanitarian goals. And they receive professional counseling and updated information in this aspect. They also get to communicate with decision-makers. Which makes the membership indispensable to anyone willing to make an unusual touch in public life footprint?

The members of the Humanitarian Pivot enjoy their headquarters in the most beautiful quarters of the Jordanian capital Amman, a neighborhood known for its ancient cultural history. The headquarters are located at Jabal Al-Weibdeh – Paris Roundabout – Daraghmeh Building – 3rd floor, followed by a charming view on the fifth floor Great view of the capital from all sides.

There are many other privileges, including:

  • Obtaining Membership Certificate.

2- Easy access to the childhood communities aiming to help.

3- Full support to the field visits and reviews.

4- Free access to the databases that enable users to access the humanitarian goals and achieve them.

5- The right of self-awareness and the others to global prizes, jobs and leadership positions.

6- Special privileges when the member make the decision to participate in conferences, forums and workshops.

7- Receiving the applicable scientific and practical tips.

8- The ease of visual lectures, and get enough media coverage in the event incase the member couldn’t participate personally.

9- Help the member in publishing his work and thoughts.