Publication of the first issue of: New Humanitarian Knowledge Research Journal


Publication of the first issue of:

New Humanitarian Knowledge Research Journal

The first issue of the New Humanitarian Knowledge Research Journal has been published, which is a global scientific refereed journal issued by the Global Humanitarian Pivot for Development and Research, and it is edited by the Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Languages ​​at the University of Ouargla in Algeria, Prof. Dr. Eid Jellouli, and the journal has obtained international numbering from the United Nations International Numbering Center In Paris, the printed version numbering is ISSN: 2708-7239 and another for the online version is ISSN: 2710-5059. The journal publishes scientific research in three languages, namely Arabic, English and French, and the editorial board of the journal includes members from Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, India, France and Mauritania , Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Sudan.

The first issue – Which starts with an article for the editorial board and another for the editor in chief – includes research by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Nuaimi from Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan, and his research came under the title “Climate and Population in Models of Arabic Literature”, while Noha Muhammad Kamal’s research came from Egypt, under the title “The School Dropout Phenomenon in Egyptian Schools: Reasons and Motives from the Viewpoint of School Teachers in Upper Egypt.” The issue also included other researches, namely “The Degree of Awareness of Basic First-Grade Teachers in Distance Learning in the Education of the Southern Badia” by Dr. Tamara Al-Darawsheh, “The Impact of Training on Improving the Performance of Employees in Private Jordanian Universities,” by Dr. Yousef Al-Amer, and “The Level of Job Satisfaction with Teachers of Special Education Schools and Their Teachers in Gaza Governorate” by Dr. Dibah Moussa Al-Zein, and “The Level of Jordanian Youth’s Use of Online Shopping in In light of some geographical variables, “by Dr. Alaa Al-Omari and Muhammad Al-Omari, in addition to a study from Iraq on the best means for educating our children in crises for both Saja Fattah and Flex Singer.

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