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Although the term “school dropout” is well-known, and is practiced in many parts of the world, no one has paid attention to a website with that name as a charitable work; so when we thought of arriving at a suitable name for the first International Conference about Dropout, And despite the fact that the dropout from school is a major cause of the weakness of production, and increase future unemployment, and the delinquency of teenagers, and make them vulnerable to intellectual exploitation and extremism of any kind, in addition to make them vulnerable to physical exploitation, and so on, as if the charitable work can only be given some money in the hands of the needy, is that fit the twenty-first century?!

True charitable work is what makes a person learn instead of leaving it. Good charities are those that increase production, drive forward, give hope for a better tomorrow, and make children everywhere love schools rather than escape; Therefore, if our conference succeeds, we will develop this website to serve as a permanent emergency room that will contribute to the treatment of the problem. We will always remember all those who contributed to this charitable work, and we will make this website an instrument for devising ways and means to support the solutions that will be proposed by the researchers; Therefore, among the committees, there will be two important committees, one for recommendations and one for follow-up recommendations so as not to remain locked in the walls of conferences and researchers. If some school dropout rates are not large in some countries, they are terrifying and overwhelming in some countries in Africa, and another countries such as Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and others.



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